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Jan-Dec 2012

Ms.  D. Abbott of UT
Mr. & Mrs S. & G. Abernathy  of MS
Ms. C. Abramowitz of FL
Mr. S. Achrman of AZ
Ms. M. Adams of CA
Ms. K. Aderson of ND
Mr. S. Aikin of TX
Mr. & Mrs. R. & K. Alexander of WA
Ms. B. Aley of FL
Ms. A. Allen of FL
Ms. M. Allen of TX
Mr. & Mrs. C. & J. Allison of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Altstaetter of VA
Ms. M. Alverson of TX
Ms. B. Ambrosio of MA
Ms. J. Amrani of Israel
Mr. & Mrs. G. & G. Anderson of IN
Ms. K. Anderson of UT
Ms. L. Anderson of FL
Mr. N. Anderson of TX
Ms. R. Anderson of UT
Mr. S. Anderson of CA
Ms. C. Andreottola of NJ
Mr. C. Antilla of CA
Ms. A. Apell of FL
Mr. D. Applegate of TN
Ms. E. Archer of FL
Ms. M. Archer of CA
Ms. Archer of AL
Ms. B. Armenta of CA
Ms. A. Armes of KY
Mr. & Mrs. J. & K. Arnold of PA
Mr. & Mrs. R. & C. Arseculeratne of VA
Ms. J. Ashcraft of MD
Ms. G. Ashton of CA
Mr. B. Atkins of CO
Ms. J. Aufrichtig of FL
Ms. Ault of Germany
Ms. G. Austin of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Austin of OR
Mr. J. Autry of CA
Mr. & Mrs. D. & E.  Avery of
Ms. D. Avila of TX
Ms. M. Aydoner of UT
Ms. L. Ayers of CA
Ms. J. Aylesworth of HI
Eagle Scout M. Azzarello
Ms. L. Bacon of MO
Mr. G. Bader of AK
Ms. B. Badgley of MI
Ms. J. Badgley of MI
Ms. C. Baidpom of LA
Mr. D. Bailey of NJ
Ms. J. Bailey of CA
Mr. B. Baker of MI
Ms. C. Baker of VA
Mr. & Mrs. R. Baker of TX
Ms. S. Baker of WA
Ms. H. Bakerman of FL
Ms. L. Baldwin of MI
Ms. M. Baldwin of MI
Ms. P. Bambrick of UT
Ms. S. Banks of IL
Mr. M. Bappe of OR
Ms. R. Barger of CA
Mr. C.J. Barnard of CA
Ms. B. Barnes of SD
Ms. B. Barnes of VA
Ms. K. Barnes of MI
Mr. C. Barnett of IN
Mr. D. Barnett of NM
Ms. A. Barowski of UT
Ms. R. Barrow of NJ
Ms. C. Barry of GA
Ms. M. Bateman of WA
Mr. & Mrs. Bates of AL
Mr. & Mrs. D. & R. Bath of AL
Mr. & Mrs. M. & B. Bath  of NY
Ms. Batten of IA
Ms. S. Bauer of CT
Ms. J. Baxer of NJ
Mr. M. Bayley of NC
Ms. B. Beall of VA
Mr. G. Beam of TX
Ms. G. Beck of MA
Mr. T. Beck of VA
Ms. T. Beck of CO
The Beck Family of MA
Ms. Beckenstein of FL
Mrs. P. Beckwith, Jr of SC
Mr. K. Behr of AL
Mr. W. Behr of VA
Mr. & Mrs. R. & D.  Bell of FL
Mr. D. Bellet of NY
Mr. D. Bennett of TX
Col (Ret) & Mrs. M.  Bennett of OH
Mr. & Mrs. B. Benyas of MN
Ms. R. Benzaken of CA
Ms. B. Berger of FL
Ms. Bernie of France
Ms. S. Berrier of MO
Mr. & Mrs. G. Bertsch of OH
Ms. M. Best of TX
Ms. C. Betaneli of NJ
Mr. J. Beuerlein of TN
Ms. Bidney of FL
Mr. & Mrs. Bilik of FL
Mr. R. Billbrough Jr of GA
Mr. W. Bird of FL
Ms. E. Birken of FL
Mr. T. Bishop of OR
Mr. R. Bittkofer of CA
Mr. J. Biwersi of MN
Ms. L. Bizzell of NC
Ms. T. Blackburn of GA
Mr. & Mrs. C. & J. Blair of UT
Ms. S. Blair of CA
Ms. E. Blank of FL
Ms. J. Blankenship of WV
Mr. D. Blaszczyk of IL
Ms. Blaustein of FL
Mr. B. Blazek of SD
Ms. A. Blem of MN
Ms. M. Blevins of OK
Ms. B. Bloom of KY
Mrs. D. Bobo of TN
Mr. & Mrs. Bogaev of VA
Ms. G. Bohlman of OK
Mr. & Mrs. P. & D. Bolen of SC
Ms. P. Bollensen of WI
Mr. B. Bolt of ID
Mr. M. Bolt of PA ?
Mr. J. Boman of FL
Mr. B. Bonaccorso of KY
Mr. W. Bonaccorso of KY
Ms. L. Bonilla of FL
Ms. L. Bonilla of FL
Mr. & Mrs. R. & L. Bonilla of FL
Mr. R. Bonner of IN
Mr. & Mrs. P. & D.  Boshen of WI
Ms. J. Boucher of VA
Mr. J. Bouler of FL
Ms. K. Bowden of TX
Ms. E. Bowe of FL
Mr. & Mrs. D. & J. Bowen of AL
Ms. M. Bowen of PA
Mr. Bowen of VA
Mr. R. Bower of VA
Ms. J. Bowser of PA
Mr. S. Boyd of TN
Mr. B. Boyer of NH
Ms. B. Boyle of FL
Ms. B. Braband of CA
Ms. E. Bradley of FL
Mr. & Mrs. W. & C. Bradshaw of CA
Ms. E. Brady of FL
Mr. M. Brammer of OH
Mr. P Brand of OR
Mr. & Mrs. D. & A. Brandl of WI
Mr. B. Brannon of AZ
Ms. Branson of CA
Ms. A. Brattin of AR
Ms. Braud of LA
Ms. D. Braun of IN
Mr. Braun of IL
Mr. T. Breen of MO
Mr. G. Breidel of MN
Mr. S. Breshan of NH
Mr. D. Bress of CA
Ms. C. Brezik of AZ
Ms. L. Bridgers of OH
Mr. & Mrs. G. & G. Briggs of VA
Mr. & Mrs. D. & K Brink of NE
Ms. Briskin of FL
Ms. N. Broadhead of FL
Ms. L. Brohl of CO
Mr. & Mrs. W. & L. Brooks of AL
Ms. J. Broomfield of TX
Ms. C. Brown of WA
Ms. J. Brown of VA
Mr. & Mrs. J. & J. Brown of TX
Ms. K. Brown of FL
Mr. L. Brown of OH
Ms. L. Brown of FL
Ms. R. Brown of FL
Mr. & Mrs. C. Brubeck of MO
Ms. L. Bruce of GA
Ms. L. Bruington of NC
Mr. P. Bruno of PA
Mr. B. Bryant of KY
Mr. & Mrs. Bubrig of LA
Ms. S. Buck of AL
Mr. & Mrs. T. & S. Buck of  MD In memory of William (USA W2) and Joanne Beattie of MD
Mr. M. Budagher of TX
Ms. B. Burdett of TX
Ms. Burdman of CA
Ms. C. Burk of TX
Mr. & Mrs. J. & M. Burk of TX
Ms. D. Burkel of MN
The Burnette Family of CA
Mr. T. Burns of IL
Ms. Burt of FL
Ms. K. Busch of MN
Mr. Bush of VA
Ms. L. Butt of MI
Ms. B. Butterman of FL
Ms. M. Bye of OR
Ms. J. Byers of UT
Mr. J. Byrd of LA
Mr. J. Byrne of VA
Ms. A. Byrnes of MA
Ms. E. Byrnes of PA
Ms. R. Byron of ME
Mr. & Mrs. P. Cagle of FL
Ms. B. Cahill of AZ
Ms. P. Cain of TN
Mr. D. Callahan of MA
Mr. Camarena of CA
Mrs. D. Canaday of NY
Mr. V. Candido of NY
Mr. M. Cano of AZ
Ms. S. Cantey of SC
Mr. & Mrs. E. Cantor of FL
Ms. F. Cantor of FL
Ms. J. Cantwell of MD
Ms. S. Carbonara of PA
Mr. R. Carden of AL
Mr. Carlin of NY
Mr. H. Carls of FL
Ms. C. Carlson of FL
Mr. B. Carlton of GA
Mr. T. Carmody of AZ
Ms. S. Carricaburu of AK
Ms. D. Carroll of VA
Mr. R. Carroll of AZ
Mr. D. Carter of CO
Mr. R. Carter of MA
Mr. M. Catanzaro of NY
Ms. M. Causlin of OH
Ms. L. Cazel of UT
Ms. S. Center of NV
Ms. D. Cesari of NY
Ms. C. Chan of CA
Ms Chan-Wolfe of CA
Ms. R. Chapman of KY
Mr. J. Chappell of MA
Ms. H. Chasin of VA
Ms. D. Chatham of AL
Ms. R. Chavez of TX
Ms. C. Cherry of AL
Dr. & Mrs. Chilcott of VA
Ms. D. Childress of CA
Mr. R. Chillion of TX
Ms. J. Christensen of UT
Mr. K. Christensen of FL
Ms. S. Christenson of VA
Mr. E. Christian Of FL
Ms. C. Cisle of SD
Ms. M. Citta of CA
Ms. K. Clark of NM
Ms. S. Clark of CA
Mr. Clark of HI
Mr. & Mrs D. & D. Clawson of WI
Ms. J. Clay of NY
Mr. T. Clemens of MD
Mr. E. Clifton of GA
Ms. J. Cline of OK
Ms. R. Cobbett of KY
Mr. E. Cochran of MD
Ms. S. Cochran of UT
Ms. E. Cohen of FL
Ms. J. Cohen of GA
Mr. R. Cohen of MI
Mr. K. Cole of CA
Ms Coleman of VA
Ms. M. Collier of CA
Ms. B. Collins of TX
Mr. & Mrs. J. & N. Collins of VA
Mr. S. Collins of TN
Mr. C. Colon of TX
Ms. J. Condon of UT
Mr. T. Cone of AL
Ms. B. Connelly of FL
LTC & Mrs. Conner of VA
Mr. F. Conway of VA
Mr. H. Conway of VA
Ms. G. Cook of CO
Ms. E. Coones of CT
Ms. C. Cooper of NC
Mr. C. Cope of SC
Mr. & Mrs. Corman of KY
Mrs. J. Cornell of NV
Ms. A. Cornish of TX
Ms. Corpe of NV
Mr. M. Corrigan of PA
Mr. D. Costello of NC
Mr. Cote of VA
Ms. C. Cotton of MN
Mr. B. Coward of LA
Ms. M. Cowley of UT
Mr. J. Cox of CA
Mr. & Mrs. L. & S. Cox of TN
Ms R. Cox of NC
Mr. M. Coyle of IN
Mrs. Crain of VA
Cravet of NY
Ms. K. Creel of VA
Ms. B. Crider of NC
Ms. R. Crippen of IL
Mr. & Mrs. T. & G. Crisp of AZ
Ms Crocker of TX
Ms. A. Cross of ID
Ms. P. Cross of VA
Ms.. M. Crouch of IL
Mr. P. Crump of MN
Ms. C. Cuebas of SC
Mr. C. Cullen of CA
Mr. M. Cummings of OH
Ms. S. Cuneo of MD
Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham of NY
Mr. & Mrs. D. & K. Curtis of OK
Ms. S. Cutter of FL
Mr. P. Cyril of CA
Ms. B. D’Ambrosaio of MA
Ms C. Dales of SC
Mr. C.P. Dalpiaz of
Mr. & Mrs. C. & M. Dalseide of VA
Ms. R. Danielewicz of NY
Ms. H. Danielson of GA
Mr. T. Danielson of MN
Ms. P. Danish of MD
Mr. & Mrs. L. & D. Danyluk of NY
Ms. C. Davenport of United Kingdom
Ms. K. Davidson of ??
Ms. J. Davies of CT
Mr. & Mrs. R. & K. Davis of WA
Mr. & Mrs. E. & S.  Day of CA
Mr. K. Day of MD
Ms. A. Dean of OH
Mr. K. Dean of IL
Ms. J. Dedman of CA
Mr. & Mrs. E. & L.  DeGaris of MO
The DeGreot Family of WI
Mr. & Mrs. L. & S. deHoog of MN
Ms. M. Delamorton of VA
Mr. A. Delapaz of MD
Ms. D. Deleeuw of CA
Ms. J. Delregno of CA
Ms. R. DeMott of MO
Mr. W. Dengler of TN
Ms. D. DePeyster of NY
Ms. P. DeQuoy of NY
Ms. S. Derichsweiler of OK
Mr. R. Dermody Jr of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Dessi of FL
Ms. J. Deter of VA
Ms. D. Devenow of HI
Ms P. Dewey of FL
Ms. E. Diaz of TX
Ms. M. Dickenson of MN
Eagle Scout B. Dickerson of VA
Ms. K. Dickinson of FL
Mr. E. Dickman of FL
Mr. J. Didonato of FL
Ms. L. Diehl of IL
Ms. D. Dieterich of TX
Ms. S. Dietz of CA
P. L. Diffley of VA
Ms. P. Dillon of WV
Mr. A. Dilucente of CA
Mr. & Mrs. W. DiPerna of VA
Ms. M. Dix of VA
Mrs. D. Dixon of VA
Ms. E. Donga of NM
Mr. & Mrs. B. & L. Donlin of CA
Mr. R. Donnell of MD
Mr. & Mrs. S. & J. Donner of GA
Mr. & Mrs. Donohoe of VA
Mr. B. Door of CA
Ms. E. Dorr of MN
Mr. R. Dorson of VA
Ms. S. Dotson of FL
Mr. M. Doty of NC
Mr. I. Douglas of TX
Ms. C. Dovel of CA
Ms. P. Downes of TX
Ms. Downing-Burton of AZ
Ms. N. Drawbaugh of NE
Mr. & Mrs. S. & K. Drew of VA
Ms. A. Drogin of MD
Mr. A. Drott of AL
Mr. H. Dubin of OR
Mr. T. Duer of TN
Ms. L. Dugan of MD
Ms. M. Duhan of OH
Ms. L. Duke of VA
Mr. T. Dunham of PA
Mr. P. Dunsford of MO
Mr. A. DuPay of VA
Ms. S. Durand of TX
Ms. D. Dwulet of TX
Ms. R. Dwyer of IN
Mr. I. Eagan of IL
Mr. & Mrs. D. & L. Eanes of VA
Ms. D. Eaton of NY
Mr. & Mrs. D. & M. Eaton of IN
Mr. J. Eaton of FL
Mr. R. Eaton of VA
Ms. S. Eaton of UT
Mr. T. Eaton of UT
Ms. T. Eckert of ME
Ms. S. Ecklin of OH
Ms. M. Eckreat of OK
Ms. L. Edelmann of OH
Mr. G. Edmundson of KY
Mr. D. Edwards of Al
Ms. M. Edwards of NY
Mr. & Mrs. Ehli of NY
Ms. R. Ehrich of FL
Mr. S. Eiicher of PA
Ms. D. Eisenman of FL
Ms. L. Eisner of FL
Mr. R. Ekern of AZ
Mr. J. Elgin of MN
Ms. D. Elias-Smith of PA
Ms. C. Elledge of MS
Ms. K. Elledge of MS
Mr. C. Elliott of MN
Mr. C. Elliott of CA
Ms. A. Ellis of OR
LTC (Ret) Elmone of FL
Mr. S. Elmore of MD
The Elswick Family of TN
Ms. M. Emmons of NY
Mr. J. Eng of CA
Ms. C. Ensign of UT
Mr. & Mrs. R. & L. Epps of IA
Ms. J. Erickson of UT
Ms. J. Erlanger of MA
Ms. B. Ervin of APO
Ms. T. Eskesen of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. R. & K. Esobar of CA
Ms. N. Esparza of TX
Ms M. Essex of VA
Mr. & Mrs. J. & B. Estes of TN
Mr. D. Etter of MI
Mr. G. Evans of CA
Ms J. Evans of CO
Mr. & Mrs. Evans of MN
Ms. S. Everly of KS
Mrs. Ezzo of VT
Mr. & Mrs. B. Fahey of VA
Ms. J. Fahey of IN
Ms. M. Fails of MD
Ms. D. Faircloth of NC
Ms. B. Falb of FL
Mr. R. Fanter of IL
Ms. S. Farmer of MO
Ms. S. Farmer of MO
Mr. M. Farragher of OH
Mr. W. Farrar of TX
Ms. R. Faulhaber of FL
Ms. K. Faulkner of CT
Mr. D. Fennessy of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. Fennessy of NJ in lieu of Christmas and anniversary gifts for Mr. & Mrs. Moniz of NJ
Ms. J. Ferguson of OK
Mr. S. Ferguson of OK
The Ferguson Family of CA
Ms. A. Fernandez of FL
Ms. Ferrington of  VA in memory of Catherine Saams 
Ms. S. Fetter (Baker) of WA
Ms. R. Ficarrotta of NY
Ms. C. Ficus of AZ
Ms. S. Fiegen of IA
Maj. & Mrs. L. Fields of CA
Ms. J. Fightmaster of WA
Mr. S. Finberg of ME
Ms. A. Findley of TX
Ms. C. Finn of CA
Mr. E. Finn of CA
Mr. J. Finn of WI
Ms. Fischer of FL
Mr. M. Fisher of OR
Mr. H. Fitzner of CO
Mr. & Mrs. R. & G.  Fletcher of TX
Mr. S. Flinders of NJ
Ms. G. Flowers of TX
Mr. & Mrs. A. & S.  Foler of HI
Ms. S. Fonoti of UT
The Forbes Family pf FL
Ms. P. Forir of MO
Ms. Fornear of CA
Ms. F. Fort of TX
Ms. B. Fortin of France
Ms. R. Foster of FL
Mr. S. Foster of MD
Mr. & Mrs. Foutz of VA
Mr. & Mrs. B. & J.  Fowler of NY
Mr. D. Fraley of RI
Ms. M. Franco of AR
The Franco Family of MD
Mr. H. Frank of VA
Mr. S. Frank of PA
Ms. B. Freedman of FL
Col Fritz of NV
Ms. C. Frizzell of CA
Ms. G. Froerer of UT
S.J. Frolick of FL
Mr. F. Fromhold of PA
Ms. D. Fulte of IN
Ms. T. Fulton of CO
Mr. J. Furth of NC
Eagle Scout R. Gaetano of PA
Ms. L. Gallob of FL
Ms. A. Gambino of CA
Ms. C. Gamel of TX
Ms. O. Garcia of AZ
Ms. S. Garcin-Sperry of NY
Ms. I. Garland of FL
Ms. M. Garmlcih of PA
Ms. D. Garner of MD
Mr. & Mrs. J. & D. Garner of TX
Ms. J. Garrett of CA
Ms. A. Garsteck of OH
Ms. M. Garver of MO
Ms. T. Garza of TX
Ms. V. Gasbarro of FL
Mr. C. Gaspard of WA
Ms. S. Gavula of OK
Mr. & Mrs. Geberth of VA
Ms. F. Gebhart of TX
Mr. & Mrs. R. & T. Gelman of FL
Mr. B. George of CA
Mrs. M. George of CA
Ms. M. George of CA
Mr. & Mrs. G. & A. Gerardo of TX
Ms. A. Gerlach of Germany
Mr. & Mrs. Gessler of VA
Mr. J. Giannae of GA
Ms. D. Gietl of TX
Ms. C. Giguere of FL
Ms. E. Gilbert of TX
Mr. & Mrs. G. & G. Gilbert of CA
Mr. D. Gilbreth of AZ
Mr. K. Gildea of FL
Ms. C. Gilmore of TX
Mr. D. Gipson of KS
Ms. I. Girsch of NY
Ms. L. Glass of GA
Mr. R. Glazer of MD
Ms. S. Gleich of FL
Mr. R. Glezer of MD
Ms. J. Glodblum of FL
Ms. E. Goetsch of CA
Ms. E. Goetz of NY
Ms. R. Gold of FL
Mr. M. Gomes of FL
Mr. J. Gomez of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Gonzales of IL
Ms. Z. Goodrich of UT
Mr. A. Gorin of Netherlands
Mr. J. Gould III of VA
Ms. R. Grabert of LA
Mr. J. Graham of OR
Ms. K. Graham of CA
Ms. S. Grahame of IL
Ms. I. Gramza of AZ
Ms. K. Granquist of SD
Ms. N. Graves of FL
Mrs. S. Gray-Waggoner of MI
Mr. & Mrs. Gray-Waggoner of MI
Ms. C. Greaser of VA
B. Greber of NJ
Ms. E. Greber of NJ
Mr. A. Green of CA
Ms. R. Green of IN
Ms. S. Green of TX
Ms. S. Greenbaum of OR
Mr. & Mrs. P. Greene of MI
Ms. R. Greenwood of PA
Mr. S. Greenwood of MO
Mr. & Mrs. G. & S. Greer of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Grey and Family of VT
Mr. K. Gridley of WY
Mr. D. Griffin of TX
Ms. D. Griggs of VA
Mr. & Mrs. B. & K. Grimord of VA
Mr. & Mrs. J. & G. Grimord of HI
Mr. & Mrs. D. & C. Grimord (retired Navy) of VA
Mr. R. Groffman of FL
Ms. K. Grossnickle of IL
Ms. P. Groves of VA
Mr. J. Guerin of MA
Mr. & Mrs. E. & L. Guerrero of CA
Mr. M. Guidry of NY
Ms. C. Gulyas of VA
Mr. & Mrs. S. & C.  Gulyas of VA
Ms. J. Gustafson of CA
Ms. M. Gutman of CA
Mr. D. Haege of FL
Mr. M. Hall of FL
Ms. A. Hallmark & Family of WI
Ms. L. Halpern of FL
Mr.  Halse of NY
Ms. A. Hamlet of NY
Ms. L. Hamlet of DC
Ms. M. Hamlet of NY
Ms. T. Hammack of TX
Mr. & Mrs. M. & M. Hampson of WA
Mr. B. Hancock of CO
Mrs. C. Hancock of KY
Ms. B. Haney of TX
Ms. D. Hansen of OH
Ms. L. Hantho of MN
Ms. C. Hantverk of FL
Mr. & Mrs. J. & J. Hapney of NC
Ms. B. Hardoby of PA
Mr. & Mrs. J. & J. Hargis of TX
Mr. & Mrs. J. & M. Hargis of TX
Mr. R. Harlon of KY
Ms. L. Harper of FL
Mr. M. Harper of OH
Ms. C. Harrigan of TX
Ms. H. Harris of TX
Mr. J. Harris of VT
Mr. R. Harris of KY
Ms. E. Hart of NC
Ms. J. Hart of MN
Mr. & Mrs. J. & D.  Haseltine of MN
Ms. K. Hass of MD
Ms. S. Hatch-Wyrick of CA
Ms. E. Hatcher of MI
Ms. B. Hathenbruck of UT
Mr. & Mrs. Hauge of VA
Mr. & Mrs. L. & R. Hause on MN in honor of Marines & Soldiers of the MN & Western WI Marine Moms Group
Mrs. R. Hause of MN
Ms. A. Hawkins of PA
Ms. T. Hawkins of FL
Ms. C. Hayes of NC
Mr. H. Hayes of GA
Ms. L. Haynes of CA in memory of Gerry Harriman
Mr. & Mrs. T. & L. Haynes of CA
Mr. C. Hays of NC
Mr. C. Hays Jr. of FL
Ms. M. Heaton of UT
Mr. & Mrs. Hecht of NJ
Ms. P. Hedges of KS
Ms. C. Hegstrom of ID
Mr. G. W. Heil of MI
The Hekt Family of CO
Mr. B. Hektor of OH
Ms. P. Heller of NJ
Mr. F. Helmstetter of VA
Mr. C. Helton of NC
Ms. D. Henderson of AK
Mr. R. Henderson of CA
Mr. W. Henderson of GA
Ms. M. Hendrick of NC
Ms. M. Hendricks of KY
Ms. J. Henry of FL
MD J. Hepler of CA
Mr. E. Herd of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. C. & J. Herman of CO
Ms. J. Herman of CO
Ms. J. Herman of WI
Ms. I. Hernandez of TX
Ms. P. Herrin of UT
Ms. Sa Herrmann of WI
Ms. Su Herrmann of WI
Mr. M. Hetherington of Switzerland
Mr. J. Heyer of IL
Ms. D. Hezlep of IL
Mr. R. Hibbard of MO
Mr. R. Hickman of IA
Ms. Hicks-Wozniak of NY
Ms. K. Hidbard of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Higgins of VA
Ms. Higgins of IL
Ms. R. Hill of TX
Mr. Hill of AL
Ms L. Hilton of TX
Mr. S. Hines of MS
Ms. Hinshaw of OH
Ms. L. Hirschtritt of IL
Mr. D. Hochhalter of ND
Mr. & Mrs. G. & J. Hodel of NY
Ms. L. Hodges of TX
Mr. M. Hodges of TX
Ms. T. Hoehne of MN
Ms. H. Hoffman of FL
Mr. V. Hogan of FL
Mr. & Mrs. Hogan of MN
Ms. M. Hoggart of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Hokemeir-Stein of MN
Ms. S. Holbrook of UT
Mr. D. Holland of CT
Mr. N. Holland of NJ
Ms. M. Holley of OR
Ms. V. Holtz of OR
Ms. Holubek of WA
Mr. S. Homen of OR
Mr. R. Homer of NC
Ms. D. Hood of TX
Mr. D. Hopkins of ME
Mr. J. Hopkins of WY
Ms. Horner of CA
Ms. T. Hornsby of Canada
Mr. & Mrs. S. & A. Horowitz of VA
Mr. R. Hose Jr of AR
Ms. E. Hosmer of NY
Hotung Family of MD
Mr. G. Houchens of CO
Mr. & Mrs. S. & D. House of CA
Ms. M. Houston of OK
Ms. J. Hovorka of OK
Mr. & Mrs. K. & S.  Howard of VA
Mr. & Mrs. Howard of CA
Mr. K. Howell of NC
Ms. M. Hoynack of CT
Mr. & Mrs. M. & J. Hoyt of UT
Ms. K. Hritz of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Hubbard of NY
Ms. C. Hudgens of CA
Ms. L. Hueser of MN
Mr. M. Huffman of AR
Ms. A. Hughes of KY
Mr. & Mrs. J. & B. Hughes of SD
Ms. S. Hulse of CA
Ms. M. Humphrey of OK
Mr. N. Hunt of IL
The Huntoon Family of MN
Ms. R. Hurwitz of CA
Mr. C. Hyamerle of OR
Ms. I. Hyatt of CO
Ms. L. Iacono of CA
Ms. L. Iadevaia of MD
Ms. B. Irzyk of CT
Ms. L. Istre of IL
Ms. R. Ivanoff of CA
Ms. R. Iwasyk of AR
Ms. L. Jackson of NY
Ms. S. Jackson of TN
Mr. Jackson of VA
Mr. & Mrs. Jacobs of
Ms. M. James of OR
Ms. M. James of IL
Ms. P. James of IL
Ms. K. Janda of OK
Mr. & Mrs. S. & S. Jansen of MO
Mr. J. Jenkins of CA
Mrs. Jenkins of AR
The Jenkins Family of
Ms. K. Jennings of NY
Ms. B. Jensen of WA
Ms. K. Jensen of VA
Ms. M Jensen of SD
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome in
Ms. L. Jessup of NC
Mr. C. Johnson of GA
Ms. C. Johnson of UT
Ms. D. Johnson of MN
Ms. J. Johnson of KS
Mr. K. Johnson of NM
Ms. L. Johnson of TX
Ms. M. Johnson of CA
Ms. N. Johnson of CA
The Johnson Family of
Ms. A. Johnston of
Ms. G. Jones of AZ
Ms. K. Jones of UT
Ms. L. Jones of UT
Mrs. N. Jones of TX
Ms. N. Jones of TX
Ms. S. Jones of UT
Ms. C. Jordan of OR
Ms. J. Jordan of OR
Mr. S. Jordan of NH
Mr. H. Jordon of IL
Mr. T. Joyce of PA
Ms. C. Juds of WI
Ms. M. Kahn of FL
Ms. R. Kahn of FL
Mr. A. Kakis of CA
Mr. R. Kalakota of NY
Mr. T. Kalidindi of NJ
Ms. Kamisaki of CA
Ms. Kamps of MI
Ms. S. Kang of OR
Ms. K. Kaplan of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Karcsh of PA
Mr. M. Karl of CA
Mr. & Mrs. T. & S. Karlson of VA
Ms. K. Karnes of CA
Ms. P. Kassum of GA
Ms. G. Katz of FL
Mr. & Mrs. Katz of MN
Mr. P. Kavanagh of OR
Ms. J. Kavanaugh of OH
Mr. S. Kaye of VA
Ms. D. Kearns of VA
Ms. K. Keir of CA
Ms. C Keith of UT
Ms. E. Kellogg of OK
Ms. R. Kellum of MI
Ms. A. Kelly of CA
Ms. E. Kelly of NC
Mr. J. Kelly of AZ
Mr. M. Kelly of VA
Ms. P. Kelly of CA
P. Kelly of CA
Mr. R. Kemp of TN
Ms. J. Kempenich of MN
Ms. S. Kempf of NY
Ms. T. Kempfer of AZ
Ms. T. Kempfer of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Kendall of VA
Ms. J. Kenley of UT
Ms. M. Kenneally of MT
Ms. P. Kennedy of OK
Ms. H. Kenney of CA
Ms. D. Kent of PA
Mr. L. Kerns of WA
Mr. J. Kicho of IN
Mr. J. Kiefer of HI
Mr. S. Kier of UT
Ms. C. Kierl of OK
Ms. J. Kilby of TN
Mr. J. Killeen of CA
Mr. A. Kimball of GA
Mr. C. King of TX
Ms. K. King of WI
Ms. M. King of CA
Mr. W. King of OH
Mr. & Mrs. C. & D. Kingham of GA
Mr. & Mrs. Kingham of Germany
Mr. & Mrs. Kingham of NC
Mr. R. Kinsloe of IL
Mr. D. Kirby of WA
Ms. D. Kirschenbaum of FL
Ms. J. Kirscht of MN
Ms. B. Klein of CT
Mr. K. Klein of IA
Ms. S. Kleiter of CA
Ms. J. Kline of CA
Mr. D. Kneff of IL
Dr. C. Knight of KY
Mr. E. Knight of MS
Ms. M. Koener of AL
Ms. K. Kofflin of MN
Mr. Kokernak, Jr. of VA
Mr. & Mrs. P. & M. Kolanow
Ms. L. Kopp of NJ
Mr. D. Korsen of NV
Ms. H. Kracoff of FL
Ms. M. Krahenbuhl of FL
Mr. & Mrs. B. & K. Kramer
Mr. N. Kramer of OH
Ms. C. Kraus of FL
Ms C. Kruse of TX
Ms. S. Ksiazkiewicz of FL
Mr. & Mrs. C. Kuckuk & Friends of WI
Mr. & Mrs. B. & D. Kurk of MO
Ms. D. Kurk of MO
Ms. M. Laber of FL
Ms. C. Lamar of OK
Ms. R. Lambert (Girl Scout) of MD
Ms. R. Lambert-Waclawski of MD
Mr. T. Landerman of WA
Mr. M. Landes of CA
Ms. D. Landis of GA
Mr. & Mrs. F. & D. Lane
Mr. M. Lange of KY
Ms. F. Lansman of FL
Mr. & Mrs. B. & S. Lantz of TN
Ms. J. Lantz of FL
Mr. & Mrs. B. & M. LaPoint  of NY
Mr. G. Lareese of IL
Ms. LaRue of CA
Ms. E. Lassiter of KS
Mr. R. Lawin of CA
Mr. T. Lebovic of MI
Mr. J. Ledbetter of NC
Ms. R. Lee of IA
Ms. S. Lee of CA
Mr. W. Lee of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. Lee of VA
Ms. S. Leggett of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Lehn of
Ms. P. Leick of TX
Ms. P. Leieck of TX
Mr. G. LeMay of AZ
Mr. J. Lemon of TX
Ms. M. Leners of IA
Ms. S. Lenhardt of VA
Mr. I. Leonardi of UT
Ms. L. Leonardo of GA
Mr. P. Leopold of VA
Ms. M. Lester of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Lester and Family
Ms. D. LeVasser of FL
Ms. E. Levine of FL
Ms. J. Levy of FL
Ms. J. Lewerenz of NJ
Ms. J. Lewis of NY
Ms. N. Lewis of MO
Ms. P. Lewis of WV
Chaplain J. Liable of IL
Ms. P. Liamos of NH
Ms. P. Lichtenberger of IL
Mr. L. Lilienthal of NV
Mr. B. Lilienthal (USN Ret) of NV
Mr. W. Lill, Jr of CA
Mr. Lillback of OH
T. Limpert of CA
Mr. Lindemann of NY
Ms. D. Lindsey of NV
Mr.. H. Lingham of CA
Mr. J. Linquist of UT
Ms. F. Lis Helm of CT
Ms. L. Little of IL
Ms. M. Littrel of TX (Deployed)
Mrs. H. Lochner of MN
Mr. T. Lochner & Family of
Ms. J. Lockwood of CT
Ms. C. Loffredo of UT
Mr. R. Lohner of FL
Mr. J. Long of WA
Mr. R. Long of MD
Ms. L. Looney of KY
The Lopez Family of CA
Ms. F. Loren of FL
Ms. C. Lorenz of TN
Ms. J. Lotti of FL
Ms. M. Lowry of VA
Ms. M. Lubas of PA
Mr. J. Luko of NJ
Ms. R. Lurty of OH
Mr. R. Lussier of VA
Ms. L. Luther of TX
Ms. L. Lynch of CA
Mr. R. Lynne of TX
Mr. P MacCurtain of FL
Mr. G. MacDonald of FL
Mr. G. Mach of MI
Ms. B. Mack of CA
Ms. D. Mack of VA
Ms. A. MacKarey of FL
Mr. B. MacKenzie of WA
Ms. S. MacMillian of CA
Ms. S. Maday of AZ
Ms. M. Madick of TX
Ms. J. Madrid of CA
Ms. Madson of MN
Ms. I. Magnani-Kelly of NY
Ms. K. Mahony of NY
Ms. M. Maine of CA
Ms. P. Majdecki of TX
Ms. S. Malizia of NY
Mr. R. Mallette of NY
Mr. & Mrs. Malone of MN
Ms. C. Maly of OK
Ms. D. Malys of OH
Ms. C. Mammen of IA
Ms. S. Mammen of MO
Mr. & Mrs. S. & P. Mancuso of KY
Mr. & Mrs. R. & A. Mann of NY
Mrs. B. Manninen of MI
Ms. M. Manning of FL
Mr. & Mrs. Manning of FL
Dr. C. Manske of CA
P. Marchbanks of WA
Mr. M. Marcon of PA
Mr. & Mrs. D. & G. Marion of TX
Ms. G. Marquez of CA
Ms. R. Marquiss of CO
Mr. J. Marsch of CA
Ms. M. Marshall of MD
Mr. C. Martens of VA
Mr. & Mrs. Martin of VA
Ms. S. Massey of MD
Mr. & Mrs. J. & L. Matheron of CA
Ms. D. Mathieson of NY
P. Matson of CA
Ms. S. Matthews of NC
Ms. J. Matuszczak of WI
Ms. D. Maxwell of CA
Mr. D. May of KY
Ms. D. Mayes of FL
Ms. C. Mayo of SC
Dr. F. Mayo of MD
Ms. N. Mazzone of IL
Mrs. McAdams of AL
The McAnany Family of MN
Dr. W. McAveney of VA
Ms. L. McBride of CA
Ms. M. McCabe of CT
Ms. S. McCabe of CA
Ms. M. McCall of MN
Mrs. V. McCall of UT
McCamish of VA
Mr. M. McCann of UT
Mr. D. McCarron of TX
Mr. W. McCarron of TX
Ms. S. McCartney of PA
Ms. N. McCauley of NV
Ms. D. McClure of ID
Dr. D. McDlain, DDS of TX
Mr. J. McElroy of FL
Mr. S. McGaha of NE
Ms. L. McGill of FL
Ms. D. McGoey of CT
Ms. M. McGuire of VA
Ms. N. McHenry of PA
Ms. A. McKay of AZ
Ms. A. McKay of AZ
Ms. R. McKinney of ID
Mr. & Mrs. R. & P. McKinney of KY
Ms. L. McLish of CA
Mr. M. McMillan of NV
Ms. J. McMurray of FL
Mrs. R. McNeil of VA
Ms. D. McNeill of AZ
Mr. W. McNichol of PA
Ms. C. McPherson of AL
Mr. W. Meade of FL
Ms. L. Meerwald of MN
Mr. & Mrs. J. & J. Mehlschau of OR
Ms. W. Meister of FL
Mr. J. Melin of FL
Mr. S. Merrill of OK
Ms. R. Merzer of FL
Ms. D. Meyer of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. D. & K Meyer of MI
Ms. S. Meyers of FL
Meyers of WA
Mr. B. Michael of KY
Ms. R. Mignella of PA
Ms. S. Mignella of PA
Ms. K. Mike of TX
Ms. M. Milam of AL
Ms. K. Mild of CA
Mr. W. Milder of WI
Mr. D. Miller of CA
Mr. F. Miller of OH
Ms. J. Miller of MI
Ms. M. Miller of OH
Mr. & Mrs. M.& G. Miller of TX
Mr. & Mrs. R. & S. Miller of TN
Ms. S. Miller of TN
Mr. & Mrs. Miller of SC
Mr. & Mrs. C. Miller, Jr of TX
Ms. C. Miner of UT
Ms. C. Mitchell of MI
Ms. K. Mitchell of MI
Mr. S. Mitchell of FL
Ms. Mitchell of KY
Mr. K. Mixer of MI
Mr. G. Molaver of CT
Mrs. M. Moniz of NJ
Ms. K. Monk of VA
Mr. N. Montalbine of FL
Mr. B. Moody of PA
Mr. H. Moon of APO, AE
Ms. J. Moore of IA
Mr. P. Moore of KY
Mr. & Mrs. Moore of  CA in memory of Richard Barkley of CA
Ms. S. Moorthy of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. E. & R. More, Jr of NC
Mr. P. Morgan of NH
Ms. A. Morris of IL
Mr. D. Morris of FL
Col (ret0 & Mrs. P. Morris of ??
Mr. & Mrs. P. & M. Morris of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Morrison of VA
Ms Morrison of AL
Ms. P. Morton of NC
Ms. G. Mounger of TX
Ms. M. Moy of TX
Mr. L. Mozan of CA
Mr. & Mrs. G. & C. Muchka of WI
Ms. J. Muehlstein of TX
Mr. L. Munoz of TX
Mr. S. Munoz of CO
Ms. M. Murdock of MI
Ms. N. Murphy of CT
Mr. T. Murphy of NY
Mr. & Mrs. T. & K. Murphy of PA
Mr. S. Murray of CA
Mr. Mursin IV of MD
Mr. D. Mussatti of ??
Ms. C. Myers of CO
Ms. D. Nadel of FL
Ms. M. Nankin of FL
Ms. S. Napier of TX
Mr. D. Nardick of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Neary & Family of VA
Ms. M. Neilsen of UT
Ms. D. Nelson of KS
Ms. J. Nelson of NJ
Mr. & Mrs. K. & C. Nelson of TX
Ms. T. Nelson of TX
Mr. J. Nettle of NV
Ms. P. Newborn of FL
Mr. G. Newton of SC
Mr. M. Newton of KS
Ms. P. Nicholas of NY
Mr. D. Nichols of TX
Ms. P. Nichols of NY
Ms. P. Nichols of APO, AE
Mr. C. Nierstedt of NJ
Mr. N. Nimura of CA
Mr. R. Nolletti of MD
Mr. J. Norris of IL
Mr. A. Novak of TX
Ms. C. Novean of CA
Mr. R. Nowak of CA
Mr. S. Nowakowski of GA
Ms. H. Nowell of IA
Ms. H. Nowotka of Germany
Mr. D. Nunn of CA
Ms. B. O’Brien of PA
Ms. A. O’Hearn of MA
Ms. A. O’Boyle of CT
Ms. B. O’Brien of PA
Mr. E. O’Campo of CA
Ms. J. O’Connell of NY
Mr. T. O’Connell of TN
Ms. A. O’Conner of CA
Ms. J. O’Dell of OH
Ms. L. O’Dell of AR
Mrs. A. O’Hearn of MA
Mr. C. O’Hearn of MA
Mr. & Mrs. O’Keefe of VA
Ms. C. O’kolsk of MA
Mr. O’Leary of ??
Dr. M. O’Neal, DDS of TX
Mr. N. O’Rouke of APO
Ms. R. Oden of VA
Mr. T. Ogletree of GA
Mr. & Mrs. K. & L.  Olbeter of VA
Ms. M. Olsen of UT
Ms. P. Olson of MN
Mr. & Mrs.. P. & K. Oman of WI
Mr. A. Onesto of IL
Ms. L. Orlandini of PA
Mr. M. Orr of PA
Ms. E. Orrico of WA
Mr. G. Orrico of WA
Ms. J. Ort of NY
Mr. T. Oswald of TX
Mr. H. Oyen of CA
Mr. T. Ozell of MN
Mr. G. Palermo of CA
Ms. B. Palkowski of MI
Mr. & Mrs. D. & J. Palomo of TX
Ms. J. Palomo of TX
Ms. J. Parker of MO
Ms. J. Parker of MT
Ms. R. Parker of TX
Ms. S. Parker of MO
Ms. J. Parks of NJ
Ms. L. Pasternak of VA
Mr. J. Paulin of VA
Ms. W. & A. Pearce of IL
Ms. B. Pearlman of FL
Ms. J. Pederson of NV
Mr. A. Pedroni of MS
Mr. D. Pekar of APO, AE
Ms. A. Pelkey of KY
Ms. E. Pell of FL
The Pelletier Family of KS
Mr. & Mrs. J. Pemberton of MI
Ms. J. Pemberton of WI
Mr. M. Pensel of FL
Ms. Pepple of TN
Ms. B. Perkins of UT
Ms. M. Pershyn of Fl
Ms. A. Peters of KY
Mr. J. Peters of WI
Mr. M. Peters of VA
Mr. D. Peterson of SD
Mr. P. Peterson of MA
Ms. S. Peterson of OH
Ms. M. Petrisko of NY
Ms. H. Petroff of FL
Mr. S. Pettiise of UT
Ms. A. Petzel of AZ
Ms. S. Philion of NY
Ms. A. Philippone of NY
Mr. A. Phipps of IL
Mr. N. Pickus of AK
Mr. & Mrs. Pierce of AL
Ms. D. Pietrowiak of IL
Ms. J. Pikal of CT
Mr. A. Pillow of IL
Ms. B. Pineau of France
Ms. J. Pisano of KY
Mr. S. Pisano of KY
Ms. L. Pisarcik of GA
Ms. M. Pizzuto of CT
The Plate Family of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Plummer of NC
Ms. A Poeratt of TX
Mr. F. Poisson of MN
Ms. E. Pollack of NJ
Ms. Pondolfino of NY
Mr. & Mrs. L. & S. Post of CA
Ms. D. Potts of ??
Ms. P. Poulos of MA
Ms. J. Powell of VA
Mr. J. Prater of CA
Ms. M. Pravda of FL
Mrs. B. Pressley & Family of  IL
Ms. B. Preston of VA
Ms. A. Pribil of OK
Mr. R. Price of IL
Mr. G. Priska of NC
Ms. K. Prohaska of VA
Mr. J. Province of MO
Mr. L. Proyect of FL
Ms. M. Puent of AL
Mr. R. Puent of AL
Ms. J. Puett of NC
Mr. Y. Puglisi of FL
Ms. T. Pulver of IL
Ms. P. Pummill of CA
Ms. H. Puscher of CA
Mr. & Mrs.   Putt of FL
Ms. B. Putzka of CA
Ms. S. Quigley of MA
Ms. C. Quirk of WA
Mr. M. Radtke of TX
Ms. E. Raidel of MO
Mr. K. Randel of FL
Ms. M. Rapp of AZ
Ms. C. Rappleyea of NY
Ms. B. Raspor of WI
Ms. J. Ratini of CA
Mr. & Mrs. R. & D. Reasoner of IA
Ms. W. Rector of ME
Mr. & Mrs. D. & M. Redman of NY
Ms. M. Redman of NY
Ms. R. Redwine of LA
Ms. K. Reeder (senior project) of WA in honor of 2 active duty brothers
Mr. H. Reese of CA
Mr. R. Regert of CA
Mr. & Mrs. Regez of CA
Mr. H. Reichlmeier of Germany
Ms. J. Reid of NC
Ms. P. Reid of VA
Mr. B. Reimus of PA
Ms. T. Reitsma of CA
Mr. E. Reyes of NJ
Mrs. Reynolds of Germany
Ms. C. Reza of CA
Ms. S. Rhodes of TN
The Rhodes Family of OH
Mr. & Mrs. Ribuffo of VA
Mr. T. Rice of DE
Ms. M. Richarads of MD
Ms. N. Richburg of AL
Ms. K. Ricker of NC
Mr. T. Riedy of CT
Mr. & Mrs. M. Rigby of NJ
Mr. T. Riggs of KY
Ms. P. Riley of OH
Mr. N. Rinderer of TN
Ms. E. Ringer of FL
Ms. S. Ritter of AZ
Ms. C. Rivers of AR
Ms. C. Rivers of SC
Ms. C. Rivers of AR
Ms. E. Rizo of NY
Mr. D. Roberts of WY
Mr. G. Roberts of TN
Ms. M. Roberts of FL
Ms. M. Roberts of IL
Mr. N. Roberts of AZ
Mr. W. Roberts of TN
Mr. B. Robertson of NC
Ms. P. Robertson of WA
Ms. P. Rodriguez of NY
Mr. & Mrs. Roemermann of NY
Ms. A. Rogers of NC
Mr. B. Rogers of OR
Mr. D. Rogers of KY
Mr. & Mrs. E. & L. Rogusz of CA
Mr. & Mrs. H. Roland of MN
Ms. Y. Rong of TX
Ms. L. Ronzello of LA
Mr. R. Ronzello of LA
Mr. E. Root of CT
Ms. P. Rosalee of MI
Ms. P. Rosalee and Friends of MI
Mr. P. Rosecrans of CA
Ms. L. Rosenberg of MN
Ms. P. Rosenthal of FL
Mr. R. Rosenzweig of FL
Mr. & Mrs. C. Ross of ID
Mr. T. Ross of NC
Mr. V. Ross of CA
Ms. M. Rossen of CA
F.A. Rothey of UT
Ms. S. Rothman of FL
Ms. J. Roussil of
Ms. D. Rowell of OK
Ms. J. Roy of AL
Ms. F. Rubin of FL
Ms. K. Rudnicki of NY
Mr. J. Rudzki of PA
Ms. C. Ruffcorn of CA
Mr. S. Runquist of MN
Mr. & Mrs. W. & B. Ruskin of CO
Mr. K. Russell of KY
Ms. P. Rutan of CA
Mr. J. Ryals of CA
Mr. K. Ryan of MA in honor of his mother Grace Ryan, on her 94th birthday
Ms. S. Ryan of AZ
Mr. T. Ryan of IL
Mr. & Mrs. Rynkewicz of FL
Ms. M. S. of AR
Mr. D. Sabelhaus of MO
Ms. H. Saks of FL
Ms. V. Samadi of NY
Ms. B. Samples of TN
Ms. J. Samuelson of AR
Ms. C. Sanchez of CA
Ms. N. Sanchez of VA
Ms. J. Sandels of VA
Ms. P. Sandler of FL
Ms. J. Sandvig of WA
Mr. R. Sann of DC  
Ms. M. Sarafini of CT
Ms. P. Schadel of PA
Schauer of CA
Ms. S. Scheu of VA
Mr. E. Schmidt of WY
Mr. & Mrs. L. Schmidt of KY
Ms. L. Schmidt of CA
Ms. M. Schmidt of MN
Ms. Schmidt of Germany
Mr. S. Schmit of MO
Ms. J. Schmitz of NY
Ms. N. Schneider of FL
Ms. B. Schochet of CA in memory  of Joe Betser’s mother 
Ms. B. Schochet of CA in memory of Priscilla Siegel 
Ph.D. B. Schochet of CA in memory of Seymour Sheriff 
Mr. F. Schochet of MN
Ms. D. Schrader of WI
Mr. M. Schreeder of AL
Mr. H. Schroeder of NY
Mr. & Mrs. S. Schulberg of MN
Ms. T. Schulman of FL
Ms. P. Schultz of MO
Ms. V. Schumacher of WI
Ms. M Schuringa of IN
Mr. & Mrs. Schuster of Germany
Ms. E. Schwartz of FL
Ms. H. Schwartz of FL
Ms. M. Schwartz of FL
Ms. J. Scillia of NJ
Mr. S. Scovill of FL
Mr. & Mrs. A. & J. Seamons, Jr of VA
Ms. M. Seekins of NY
Ms. D. Seguim of NC
Ms. L. Seideman of NY
Mr. & Mrs. E. & P. Seljeskog of SD
Ms. B. Sellon of CA
Ms. M. Serafini of CT
Mr. & Mrs. M. & L. Serafini of CT
Ms. E. Sessone of WA
Ms. K. Sewell of TX  
Ms. R. Shadduck of NY
Ms. A. Shafer of NY
Ms. V. Shafer of OH
Mr. T. Shanks of CA
Mr. J. Shaw of NY
Ms. N. Shehan of KY
Ms. F. Shelton of VA
Ms. R. Sheperd of MD
Ms. S. Sheriff of GA
Mr. J. Shipman of MD
Ms. C. Short of ??
Ms. B. Shrader of FL
Ms. M. Shuffleton of VA
Ms. V. Shulick of IL in memory of Dorothy & Barry Worfolk
Mr. B. Shymanski of TX
Ms. S Siazkiewicz of FL
Ms. E. Siegel of FL
Mr. S. Siegfried of OR
Mr. & Mrs. T.J. Sieradzki of NJ
Mr. Sieradzki of NJ birthday gift for his dad, T.J. Sieradzki 
Ms. J. Silarki of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Silverstein of FL
Ms. K. Simmons of TX
Mr. D. Simms of SC
Mr. & Mrs. Simon of OH
Mr. S. Simpson of NY
Mr. & Mrs. Sisson of WA
Mr. A. Slatin of WA
Mr. & Mrs. A. & N. Slatin of WA
Ms. L. Slay of TX
Mr. J. Small of TN
Mr. A. Smith of FL
Ms. A. Smith of NC
Mr. C. Smith of AL
Mr. D. Smith of TN
Ms. D. Smith of CA
Ms. J. Smith of WI
Mrs. L. Smith of VA
Ms. L. Smith of LA
Eagle Scout R. Smith of SC
Ms. R. Smith of DC
Mr. O.R. Smith Jr of TX
Mr. G. Sneller of OH
Mr. A. Snowberger, III of CA
Ms. C. Snyder of TX  
Soebbing of IL
Mr. & Mrs. Soos of FL
Ms. B. Sordahl of TX  
Mr. & Mrs. G. & M. Sorenson of NY
Ms. M. Sorenson of NY
Ms. M. Sosa of TX
Ms. M. Southren of NY
Ms. C. Sparrow of UT
Ms. R. Spaulding of UT
Ms. R. Spaulding of IL
Mr. & Mrs. Spena of NY
Mr. T. Spence of KS
Mr. D. Spenner of IN
Mrs. M. Spenner of In
Ms. M. Spenner of IN  
Mr. & Mrs. Spiegel of MN
Ms. L. Spiri of AZ
Mr. J. Spliedt II of ID  
Ms. M. Sposa of FL
Mr. G. Spray of NC  
Mr. D. Spret of WI
Ms. L. St. John of WA
Mr. H. Stafford of TX
Ms. C. Staiger of PA
Mr. J. Staiger of PA
Mr. R. Staiger of PA
Mr. C. Stakor of MI
Ms. C. Stallbaumer of NE
Mr. M. Stamper of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Stamper of IL
Mr. C. Stanley of
Ms. L. Stanley of CA
Ms. L. Stanley of MN  
Mr. S. Staples of CA
Ms. M. Steege of CA
Chaplain Steen of CA
Ms. B. Stein of FL
Ms. M. Stein of FL
Mr. & Mrs. P. & E. Steiner of FL
Ms. M. Steinman of NV
Mr. K. Stepp of TX
Ms. C. Sterett of TX
Mr.& Mrs Sterling of IL
Ms. T. Sterns of NE
Ms. K. Stevens of APO
Ms. D. Stevenson of UT
Mr. J. Stewart of TX
Ms. N. Stewart of AZ
Ms. V. Stewart of KY
Ms. M. Stith of AR
Mr. & Mrs. S. & R. Stobel of KS
Mr. S. Stofferahn of NE
Ms. M. Stone of OH
Ms. P. Stone of TX
Mr. G. Storey of TX
Mr. Strawsburg of VA
Mr. R. Strayton of FL
Ms. S. Street of VA
Mr. & Mrs. S. & R. Strobel of KS
The Struuck Family of IL
Mr. D. Suddleson of CA
Mr. E. Suddleson of CA
Mr. T. Sulivan of ME
Ms. P. Sullen of OK
Ms. J. Sullivan of UT
Ms. J. Sullivan of UT
Ms. J. Sullivan of MA
Ms. J. Sullivan of UT
Ms. M. Sullivan of HI
Ms. M. Supik of APO, AE
Ms. D. Surline of MI
Mr. & Mrs. R. & L. Swain of  unknown
Ms. L. Swanson of CT
PJ Sweeney of NV
Ms. K. Sweet of WI
Ms. R. Swerlick of FL
Ms. T. Sy of IL
Mr. M. Sykes of MD
V. Tarulus of CA
Mr. & Mrs. V. & V. Tarulus of CA
Mr. E. Taupier of CT
Ms. C Taylor of OK
Mr. G. Taylor of MS
Mr. J. Taylor of Costa Rica
Mr. & Mrs. M. & N. Taylor of UT
Ms. T. Taylor of UT
Mr. T. Tenseth of TX
Ms. F. Tepper of OK
Mr. G. Thagar of GA
Ms. M. Thele of OK
Ms. D. Thill of CA
Mr. D. Thomas of TN
Mr. G. Thomas of TX
Mr. L. Thomas of CA
Ms Thomas of FL
Mr. & Mrs. C. & J. Thompson of NY
Mr. & Mrs. Thompson of MI
Ms. M. Thormahlen of TX
Ms. S. Timberlake of VA
Ms. L. Tingzon of CA
Ms D. Tischbein of CT
Mr. S. Titus of MD
Ms. R. Toback of FL
Ms. C. Todd of LA
Ms. E. Toelle of OK
J. Togatac of FL
Ms. S. Tomasella of AL
Ms. M. Topcik of FL
Ms. C. Torgerson of UT
Ms. J. Townsend of FL
Ms. J. Trammell of NC
Ms. J. Traynor of UT
Ms. Treger of CA
Ms. M. Trent of MD
Mr. & Mrs. L. & A. Trevaskis of CO
Mr. T. Trimble of PA
Mr. & Mrs. Trivino of TX
Ms. M. Troup of VA
Ms. Troup of VA
Ms. M. Trovini of NY
Mr. B. Trussell of TX
Mr. & Mrs. A. Tucker of MS
Mr. L. Tucker of VA
Mr. L. Tucker of VA
Ms. M. Tuggle of TN
MD. I. Tunstall of VA
I. Tunstall of VA
C. Turner of CA
Mr. & Mrs. D. & K. Turrentine of Al
Ms. P. Twedt of CA
Ms. B. Uhlenbrock of FL
Mr. T. Ulatowski of IL
Unknown of NY
Mr. R. Updike of AZ
Mr. M. Urnshaw of IL
Ms. A Urquides of AZ
Mr. J. Utton of FL
Mr. C. Vacchiano of NC
Ms. V. Valentine of CA
Mr. S. Valliere of CA
Ms. J. Van Denzen of WI
Ms. M. Van Gorden of MN
Ms. L. Van Orden of CA
Mr. M. Vanacore of NY
Mr. Vanover of VA
Mr. M. Vazquez of IL
Ms. C. Velloney of FL
The Venable-Byrd Family of WA
Mr. & Mrs. Veneqiano of VA
Ms. A. Vermillion of VA
Ms. L. Victor of VA
Ms. S. Victor of NY
Ms. K. Visich of NJ
Ms. M. Vitell of IL
Ms. E. Vonwald of WV
Ms. T. VonWald of WV
Ms. R. Waclawski of MD
Ms. B. Wactor of TX
Mrs. C. Waddell of NC
Ms. C. Waddell of NC
Ms. M. Waddell of NC
Ms. B Wade of UT
Mr. & Mrs. Waggoner of MI
Mr. J. Wakeen of OR
Ms. J. Wakefield of NC
Ms. J. Wales of OR
Dr. C. Walker of NC
Ms. P. Walker of NM
Mr. L. Walley of NY
Ms. K. Walsh of VA
Mr. M. Walsh of NJ
Ms. K. Walters of FL
Ms. J. Walther of TX
Ms. C. Walton of  TN
Ms. G. Ward of CA
Mr. K. Ward of VA
Ms. M. Ward of VA
Mr. G. Wardle of KY
Ms. S. Wardwell of VA
Ms. S. Ware of CA
Mr. J. Warman of CA
Ms. C. Warren of TX
Mr. & Mrs. Washington of OK in memory of our fathers (both veterans)
Ms. B. Waters of IL
Mr. J. Watkins of NC
Mr. A. Watson of IL
Mr. A. Weaver of VA
Mr. W. Weaver of ??
Ms. P Web of TX
Ms. M. Webb of TX
Webb of KS
Ms. A. Weber of ??
Ms. C. Weber of PA
Mr. R. Weber of NY
Ms. M. Wegner of TX
Ms. D. Weiner of FL
Mr. R. Weinstein of AL
Mr. R. Weinstein of VA
Weinstein of FL
Mr. J. Weiss of NY
Ms. F. Weissberg of FL
Mr. D. Welch of IL
Ms. S. Wells of VA
Ms. Welmon of FL
Ms. K. Welter of WI
R.G. Wenzel of NC
Ms. T. Werley of TX
Ms. D. Werlinger of SD
Mr. & Mrs. E. & M. West of FL
Mr. G. West of NV
Mr. R. West of FL
Ms. M. Whaley of TN
Mr. F. White of OH
Ms. P. White of NC
Eagle Scout Z. White of IN
Mr. White of VA
Mr. R. Whitehair of IN
J.P. Whitfield of NC
Ms. L. Whitmore of WA
Mr. S. Whitney of FL
Wikman of MN
Ms. A. Will of VA
Mr. B. Williams of UT
Ms. C. Williams of VA
Ms. P. Williams of NE
Mr. T. Williams of AZ
Mr. T. Williams of GA
Ms. T. Willis of OK
Mr. M. Willman of HA
Ms. M. Willman of MO
Mr. S. Willman of MO
Ms. D. Wilson of TX
Ms. E. Wilson of MS
Ms. P. Wilson of CA
Ms. S. Wilson of Germany
Mr. J. Winkler of CA
Ms. J. Wisenbaker of GA
Ms. C Wold of UT
Ms. J. Wolf of NC
Mr. & Mrs. F. & J. Wolfe of CA
Mr. M. Wong of CA
Ms. F. Wood of OK
Ms. N. Wood of CA
Mr. M. Woode of VA
Ms. M. Woodworth of PA
Mr. J. Woolley of IL
Ms. D. Worfolk of VA in honor of Dorothy and Barry Worfolk 
Ms. D. Worley of AL
Ms. D. Worley of VA
Ms. D. Worley of VA
Ms. K. Worsham of CA
Mr. D. Wortham of KY
Mr. T. Wortham of KY
Mr. & Mrs. T. & M. Wrage of SD
Mr. J. Wright of NY
Ms. J. Wright of CA
Ms. P. Wright of CA
Mr. S. Wright of NY
Ms. J. Wyant of NM
Mr. L. Wynne of NC
Ms. M. Wyrick of FL
Mr. & Mrs. R. Yanos of IL
Mr. & Mrs. R. Yanos of IL
Ms D. Yaworsky of NY
Ms M. Yaworsky of NY
Mr. I Yevich-Tunstall MD of VA
Ms. D. York of NC
Mr. & Mrs. Young– of WA Deployed to Iraq
Ms. K. Yuschak of MD
Ms. L. Zablatnik of OK
Mr. M. Zampella of CA
Mr. M. Zanoff of AR
Ms. R. Zeichner of NY
Ms. B. Zenner of VA
Mr. E. Zepp of TX
Ms. E. Zesati of CA
Ms. M. Ziak of IL
Mr. S. Ziff of FL
S. Zimmer of TX
Ms. S. Zimmerman of TX
Ms. A. Zirbes of WI
Ms. R. Zucker of NY
Ms. V. Zuckerman of FL
Mr. Zylla of MN