Website Design

Website Colors: if we don’t know the actual color name, then will estimate a name, but we will use hex codes.

I mainly use ColorHexa as a guide but you can use any color helper site.)

  • #660000 LHCP Maroon (a close shade to the original website maroon)
  • #3366FF LHCP Blue (not used right now – maybe in the header – header is a gradient)
  • #006666 LHCP Green (This is the Complementary Color for LHCP Maroon used for active menu tabs and links- actually a green/blue)
  • #FFFF00 LHCP Yellow (Menu tab active and hover text color)
  • #FFFFFF White (Menu tab text color)

Site background color (on the sides of the website – sometimes not seen if the browser width is small.)

#660000 LHCP Maroon #006666 LHCP Green #FFFF00 LHCP Yellow #3366FF LHCP Blue(not used right now)


Test Header